We are working diligently to further establish the AFNA Foundation Inc. to assist our membership in times of need.

AFNA Foundation Mission:

The Association of Federal Narcotics Agents (AFNA) Foundation founded 2017 as a 501c (3) is the fundraising and charitable wing of AFNA. The AFNA Foundation is dedicated to preserve the shared AFNA values and ideals of the DEA Family. Its mission is to support AFNA members and their families who face financial hardships as a result of a catastrophic event to include natural disasters, illnesses, and bereavement leaving dependents in financial need. Additional types of support will be provided at the discretion of the AFNA Foundation Board of Directors. The Foundation has adopted the Annual AFNA Scholarship Program which awards scholarships to AFNA members and their families.

Charitable causes AFNA, and the newly created AFNA Foundation, have supported the last two years:

Scholarships Awarded (2017) * $5,500.00
Hurricane Relief  $15,000.00
Accidental Death Benefits $5,000.00
AFNA Funds to AFNA Foundation   $15,000.00
Total $40,500.00
 AFNA Foundation
Scholarships Awarded (2018)  $15,000.00
Death Benefit (Avery Shannon)   $1,000.00
James Krehbiel (CA Fire) **   $15,072.00
Mike Terhune (heart transplant) *** $23,428.00
Death Benefits (deceased members) **** $2,000.00
Total $56,500.00
GRAND TOTAL $97,000.00

*The Annual AFNA Foundation Scholarship continues to award each of the six AFNA Regions with a $2,500.00 scholarship to each of the selectees.

**An AFNA family suffering catastrophic loss resulting from the Camp Fire in Paradise CA was given a check for $5,000 and the AFNA Foundation established a GoFundMe account raising over $10,000.00 in a week.

***A current DEA Special Agent in need of an immediate heart transplant was given a check (in conjunction with the DEA Cleveland) for $5,000 and the AFNA Foundation established a GoFundMe account raising over $18,000.00 in under a week. 

**** The AFNA Foundation makes a memorial contribution to a family chosen charity in memorial of an AFNA member, or a member of their immediate family, who have passed.

We ask you to review your contacts especially any corporate or civic organizations that might desire to donate to the AFNA Foundation; donations are tax deductible.

If you’d like to donate to the AFNA Foundation, click Donate to pay by credit or debit card via PayPal (no PayPal account is needed). If you choose to pay by check, please make your check payable to the ‘AFNA Foundation’ and mail it to: AFNA Foundation P.O. Box 2801 Ashburn, VA 20146

The AFNA Foundation will be sponsoring fundraising events in 2019! Look for emails/posts on the AFNA site!

Thank you in advance for your support.

John A. Costanzo
President Association of Federal Narcotics Agents