While searching for “lost” or former Federal Bureau of Narcotics Agents I found my roster of the District 9 Chicago, Illinois FBN Office dated January 22, 1968.

That document included the name of Agent Harold A. Smith. Agent Smith came to the Chicago District from his former position as a Patrol Division Sergeant on the Anderson, Indiana Police Department. Agent Smith had also served on the Madison County, Indiana Sheriff’s department prior to joining the Federal Bureau of Narcotics.

Agent Smith preferred to be called by his nickname of “Hal.”  He may have been briefly assigned to Enforcement Group # 3, then supervised by Supervisory Agent Vernon Don Meyer, but may have been reassigned after the 1968 roster was published? I believe that Agent Smith was the junior partner of Agent Jordan.

When Agent Hector Jordan  was promoted to a foreign post, a going away party was held for Agent Jordan. It was during that party that Agent Jordan was attacked and murdered. Agent Smith was with Agent Jordan during the fight with the attacker that took Agent Jordan’s life. Rest in Peace Hector.

Hal Smith never fully recovered from the emotional trauma of that event and within a year resigned from the FBN and returned to his hometown of Anderson, Indiana. I remained in touch with Hal Smith for several years and he had re-entered law enforcement as a private investigator. I lost touch with him by 1985.

Recently when attempting to locate former FBN agents I contacted the former now long retired Sheriff of the Indiana county where Smith had served as Chief Deputy, Madison County prior to his Anderson, Indiana police career and ultimately his appointment with FBN.

Hal’s depression continued and he turned to alcohol eventually becoming a chronic user. He did not remarry and died alone and living with his elderly mother until his death from acute alcoholism in the late 1980s. I could not locate the obit and none may have been published? All according to the Madison county sheriff who employed Chief Deputy Smith so long ago.

Agent Harold A. “Hal” Smith did however serve with the Federal Bureau of Narcotics and the memory of his lengthy law enforcement service and death should not go unnoticed and unreported. RIP Harold A. (Hal) Smith, Agent Federal Bureau of Narcotics, deceased.

Please remember Agent Smith in your prayers. Rest in Peace and thank you for your service.

Respectfully and Fraternally,

Hugh A. Shanahan


Harold A. “Hal” Smith FBN Chicago 1968 Deceased

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