AFNA welcomes all DEA employees to join including former DEA Task Force Officers.
The mission of the Association of Federal Narcotics Agents (AFNA) is: To develop, promote and preserve goodwill and friendship among former federal narcotics agents and other DEA personnel; To provide mutual assistance to the membership and to assist the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in its mission of drug law enforcement.

AFNA works to fulfill its Mission in a variety of ways; here are some of them:

  1. AFNA hosts a web site, just for members. It gives members access to:
  • Membership & Business Directories
  • Job opportunities from around the world
  • Scholarship Program Information / Application
  • Planning for retirement Information
  • Upcoming AFNA events
  • Life After DEA: Post DEA Stories
  • News from various AFNA Chapters
  • Minutes from AFNA Board Meetings
  • AFNA Bylaws
  • AFNA Financial Reports
  • Instructions for updating retired SA Credentials and/or HR-218 Card
  • Blog posts & photos from members
  1. AFNA financially supports a number of charitable organizations including:
  • The DEA Survivor’s Benefit Fund
  • The Enrique Camarena Education Foundation
  • Organizations designated by the survivors of a deceased member as a memorial contribution
  • The DEA Museum in Washington D.C. and the traveling museum exhibit

Note: AFNA assists the museum with compiling oral histories and providing artifacts.

  1. AFNA hosts a national conference every year where members can reconnect with old friends and meet fellow members. There, AFNA honors a current Special Agent of DEA for his/her exemplary work in the furtherance of DEA’s mission. 
  1. AFNA sponsors a law enforcement trade show held every spring in conjunction with DEA’s International Drug Enforcement Conference (IDEC).  This joint AFNA and DEA venture is a one-of-a-kind event for vendors of police related products and services. Participants include representatives from more than 80 countries and over 20 multi-national companies. This gives AFNA members a great opportunity to network with companies that are looking for our experience and skills.
  1. AFNA sends email blasts to its members with important breaking news (e.g. job opportunities) to keep them up-to-date.
Type of Membership Annual Dues (due Jan. 1)
  • Former DEA Special Agent
  • Active DEA Special Agent
  • Present or Former DEA Employee
  • Former DEA TF Officer

Note: Life Time Member- 75 yoa or more and 25 continuous years as a member- Annual Dues are $“0”

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