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Books for your reading pleasure

Below is a list of books recently published that I think would be of interest to the membership. They are written by AFFNA members and they all tell the story of drug law enforcement from a thoughtful perspective. Give them a look.

"FDA-DEA Blessed, So Help Me God" by Gary Gibson
Gary is an AFFNA member and this is memoir of his time with the FDA and DEA. It can be found at:

DEA Memorial Services 2015

DEA Memorial Service

On Thursday, May 14, 2015, at 11:00 a.m. Eastern, DEA will hold its annual Memorial Service at Headquarters. This service is held every year during National Police Week to pay tribute to the men and women of our agency and our predecessor agencies who paid the ultimate sacrifice for drug law enforcement and for our country. The event will be webcast live on through a standalone (non-Firebird) internet accessible computer.

A new book out by a retired DEA Special Agent and AFFNA member

TWEEKER PARADE - A humorous and irreverent look at federal law enforcement - The real story behind methamphetamine and the case of Quantum Labs.

Charitable work by an AFFNA Member

Funding “Underdog” Projects

A lifelong animal lover, Walter Erhorn makes sure his philanthropy is a family affair. It’s hard to visit any exhibit at the Zoo or Park without seeing Walter and Erica [daughter] and her family recognized on a donor plaque. Walt’s main passion is for wildlife conservation, in particular what he calls “the underdog projects.”

Former Administrators send an amicus brief to the Supreme Court

The following is an amici curiae brief filed with the US Supreme Court by all the former Administrators of DEA. They may be retired, but they are still on the job.

Former Heads of the DEA Support the Battle Against Legalizing Marijuana

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