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Charitable work by an AFFNA Member

Funding “Underdog” Projects

A lifelong animal lover, Walter Erhorn makes sure his philanthropy is a family affair. It’s hard to visit any exhibit at the Zoo or Park without seeing Walter and Erica [daughter] and her family recognized on a donor plaque. Walt’s main passion is for wildlife conservation, in particular what he calls “the underdog projects.”

Jobs with OSCE

Dear Colleagues,

If any dinasours still around you might remember me.

Anyway, I designed this website below and perhaps might help in your job seeking.
Register to apply for jobs.

If you need more info contact me at

Best Regards and Respects,

Emil Levine
DEA 1972-1992
Office of Intelligence and Computer Systems
Designed EPIC
File Room Barcode System
Miami Banco
Vancouver Northern Lights
DEA Microfiche System
EPIC/HQ Automated Message Handling System

Former Administrators send an amicus brief to the Supreme Court

The following is an amici curiae brief filed with the US Supreme Court by all the former Administrators of DEA. They may be retired, but they are still on the job.

Former Heads of the DEA Support the Battle Against Legalizing Marijuana

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