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Books for your reading pleasure

Below is a list of books recently published that I think would be of interest to the membership. They are written by members of the AFFNA family and they all tell great stories. Give them a look.

"21 Deadly Mistakes" by Guy Hargreaves.
Sarah Book Publishing has just released a new Officer Survival Tactical Manual entitled "21 Deadly Mistakes" and it is now available for sale at

“Tweeker Parade” by Philippa LeVine.

DEA News of July 17 2015

DEA: Afghan Heroin Conspiracy Foiled

Refuting Pro-Pot Lies!

Dear AFFNA Members,

I am posting several important articles which will help keep our membership informed on the efforts of the pro-legalization groups and the lies they promote with the general public. My good friend Monte Stiles, a former AUSA and nationally renowned expert on countering drug legalization provides great information and works closely with law enforcement agencies nationwide.

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DEA News of July 7th

JULY 7 - (Washington, D.C.) –

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